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The air conditioning is not working anymore? Is the heating system cooling instead of Commercial AC unitheating? Your HVAC unit makes strange noises? Do not lose hope! In such dire situation Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. comes to the rescue. We are a HVAC contractor, which is based in the city of Granby, MA and it is serving the entire city area as well as the 40 mile surrounding one. For more than 8 years we’ve been offering high quality heating and AC services to the residents of our community. Read more about us and prepare to get the competetive edge by your side!

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address: 185 Kendall Street Granby, MA 01033
phone: (413) 273-8027
fax: (413) 467-1538


A common wall-mounted air conditioning unit.At Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. we are dedicated professionals who want to keep our customers cool through the scorching summers and warm during the chilly winters. From boilers, furnaces, thermostats, heaters, AC units to even custom build commercial HVAC units – we have the necessary tools and knowledge to adequately diagnose and fix your air conditioners and heaters. Our services include:

  • Energy saving, central cooling systems installation and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting of all types of HVAC unitsCustom build roof-mounted AC unit.
  • Freon leaks detection
  • Heating repair, maintenance and installation services
  • Service and replacement for all refrigeration systems
  • Air filtration system installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning repair services for both brand and custom build systems
  • Air quality control
  • Water heater maintenance, repair and installation services
  • Commercial HVAC unit maintenance.A full line of AC, refrigeration and heating units that fit your needs and budgets

As you can see, we offer a rich inventory of AC and heating services as well as maintenance plans. We service both custom build systems as well as brand name ones, by supplying you with the most adequate solutions that fit your needs perfectly. When it comes to our industry, there is no other substitute than the accumulated experience and we bring a whole bunch of it in your property. With more than 8 years behind us and team of bonded and dedicated professionals we can supply you with an air conditioning repair service like no other! Regardless of the job demands or complexity, do not lose hope because we can do it. Not all HVAC contractors are created equally and that is why you must not leave your belongings in uncapable hands. Inexperienced technicians usually cause more troubles than they are supposed to fix.

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Final touches after installing three water heaters.From regular maintenance plans to heating repair services we are one of the leading HVAC contractors in the territory of Granby, MA. With unmatched workmanship, combined with customer dedication every day we are supplying the residents of our community with air conditioning repair services like no other. Don’t you dare lose hope when your AC stops working. We are always at a single phone call distance, patiently waiting, while holding the solution to all your troubles. Choose us and witness the one of the best AC and heating repair services in the county of Massachusetts! Don’t succumb to the scorching summer days and the frosty winter nights. Call us and get those HVAC units running again!

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